• Isis Gourdet

    Isis Gourdet

  • Stephanie Jean

    Stephanie Jean

    22. Writer. Poet. Always anxious. Constantly wondering. “Love and curiosity are the nutrients that power the world.”

  • Ashley Huang

    Ashley Huang

  • Wendell Seals

    Wendell Seals

    B.A. Religious Studies - Class of 2019. I am a queer person of faith concerned w/ the intersection of faith, politics, and daily living.

  • Felicia Anderson

    Felicia Anderson

  • Anja Smith

    Anja Smith

    Anja co-owns a plumbing company in South Carolina. She is a business nerd and sometimes writer. You can find hard-won business lessons at TradeBizToolbox.com.

  • Dianne Hawksley Lescault

    Dianne Hawksley Lescault

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